Monday, July 16, 2012

Nature's Sleep Open-Toed Slipper Review (and Giveaway)

Even though it's summer and freezing cold floors are months away, slippers are still nice to have around. Open-toed is optimal for summer, not only because you can see the hot pink and metal flecked toenail polish on your tootsies, but also because a closed-toe might be a little too warm for the summer months.

I recently received a pair of blue Nature's Sleep open-toed slippers to take for a test drive and something that really surprised me was how little I'd actually get to wear them.

What?  Yes, I have been having a hard time actually getting to wear my own slippers.  My pre-teen loves their cushy softness and has been stealing them like crazy.  I actually have to ask to have them back!  It's bad enough she steals my Heely's and flip flops, but my slippers too?  I've even caught my 7 year old making off with the goods too.  It appears that Nature's Sleep slippers are a family favorite!

When I get the chance to wear my own slippers, I love their soft feel.  They aren't thin, like other slippers.  They have a  high density Memory Foam insole which helps cushion my feet when I'm walking around the house.  I have a few back problems and one of the triggers for back pain for me is standing or walking on hard floors (like concrete) for a long period of time.  I seek out shoes and footwear that is cushioned to help reduce strain on my back if I'm going to be standing for a long time.  With these Nature's Sleep slippers, I can feel the cushioned support under my feet and don't feel the strain that standing barefoot brings on.

You can spot clean them, or wash them.  I have spot cleaned mine (kids!) and plan to hand wash them to get them back to spanking clean.

If you've heard of Nature's Sleep before, your mind might have gone to mattresses, not slippers.  In fact, Nature's Sleep makes a variety of products designed to give you a great night's sleep, including Memory Foam mattresses, Memory Foam toppers, pillows, and more (they even offer a pet bed!)


Want to win a pair of Nature's Sleep slippers of your own?  This giveaway is open to US Residents only.  Please see Rafflecopter Widget below to enter!  Before you click the Rafflecopter widget, please take a moment to browse Nature's Sleep's selection of slippers. Take a look at their sizing guidelines while you're there too so you'll be able to select the size that will fit best.  Hint:  I'm going to ask you to tell me which one you'd like to win if you're chosen as the winner of the giveaway as an entry in the giveaway, so definitely take the time to review their selection.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I received a pair of Nature's Sleep Memory Foam slippers for review purposes only.  I was not compensated to write this review, and the review is based on my experience and that of my family.  The opinions are my 100% my own.  Sponsor has graciously provided the giveaway prize.  My thanks to Nature's Sleep for this opportunity.
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