Saturday, July 21, 2012

Staples sneak peek: 1 cent eraser caps and more!

Your ad may vary, but these are the items that will be going on sale starting tomorrow, Sunday, July 22:

Free after Easy Rebate:

Zebra Mechanical Pencils:  $4, free after Easy Rebate of $4 -- limit 1
Pentel RSVP Ball Point Pens:  $4, free after Easy Rebate of $4 -- limit 1
Staples cap erasers:  1 cent (with $5 purchase) -- limit 2
Index cards:  1 cent (with $5 purchase) -- limit 2
Staples stickies flags:  25 cents each -- limit 4
Sharpies Accent tank highlighters 5 pk (yellow):  50 cents -- limit 4

Staples multipurpose paper:  $1 after Easy Rebate ($5.99 with $4.99 Easy Rebate).  This is the 2nd week in a row it's been for $1 after Rebate.  The first week it was 50 cents after rebate.  I hope you stocked up at the cheaper price, as I don't foresee them dropping it below a $1 a ream after rebate for the remainder of the summer ads.  I hope they prove me wrong, because I'd love to grab more.

You can see the sneak peek for your area by going to and choosing your store (I had to search for one near me, as it seems to be picking up my ISP address and mis-directing me to a store 100 miles away).  From there, use the "See All Deals" drop down menu and select the sneak peek ad.
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