Thursday, August 16, 2012

{DVD Review} Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets

Young Justice:  Dangerous Secrets
Studio:  Warner Bros
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(Season 1, Part 2)

Teenaged super heroes with teenage problems, and oh, they need to save the world too!

7 year old's take:  
I liked all of it and I hope that next time we can get the first part (of Season 1).   I liked Superboy and Miss Martian too.  In one of the episodes, someone was making robots. Red Volcano was an evil android.  Red Tornado and the other androids were the good ones.   Red Tornado blew away the black smoke!
Hubby's take: 
I thought it was good.  The stories were interesting to me, even as an adult, but they were still good for a kid and not overly violent.  They weren't too violent.  And there was more than just "good guys beat up bad guys" -- it actually had a plot, and the plot actually carried through.  It wasn't like Justice League, because the history was important and carried forward.    
We missed too much of the background history by not seeing Part 1 of Season 1, so there were a few things that didn't click, so ideally, I'd like to buy the first part and then re-watch in succession.  

Mom's Take:  The boys enjoyed watching most of the episodes on this DVD while I was off at cheerleader practice with my daughter.  My son even insisted on taking the DVD into the car on a trip to town (an hour away).  For us, it can be hard to find videos we, as parents, want to share with our kids.  Young Justice is a series that will appeal to parents as well as kids.  My son is at an age where he very much enjoys watching cartoons with a story line, which makes this hipper version of a Super Hero cartoon ideal for him. We definitely have plans to get the first part of season 1 so that we can catch up on the back story.

Take a peek at this video clip:

Disclosure:  My thanks to WB who provided me with a DVD to facilitate this review at no cost to me.  The opinions expressed are my own or are related to the experience my family had with this product.  I did not receive compensation to write this review.

Have you seen any episodes or own any of the Young Justice DVDs?  Please weigh in on your thoughts about this series.  I always love comments from my readers.
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