Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneak peek Staples ad 8/19-8/25: 1 cent notebooks!

Back-to-school ads are winding down, but Staples still has a few good deals coming up in their 8/19-8/25 ad, including 1 cent notebooks (with $5 purchase) -- limit 6!  A sign that things are winding down?  Hammermill copy paper which was $1 after rebate is now $2 after rebate this coming week.  If you didn't grab your copy paper, be sure to do it before Sunday.

Other deals:

.25 each
Staples liquid 4 oz school glue -- limit 4

.50 each
Really useful boxes (plastic) -- limit not listed
Staples ruled 3x5 note cards -- limit 2
Staples Photo Supreme paper --- price is after rebate -- limit 4 ($14.99-$14.49)
Bic Velocity pens 2 pack -- limit 2
Staples Mini Composition notebooks 3 pack -- limit 2

Bic Erasers (contoured) 4 pack -- limit 2
Scentos scented markers  -- limit 2
Staples writing pad  -- limit 2
Staples Hyper grip yellow highlighters 6 pack -- limit 2
Staples poly zip envelope (check size) -- limit 2

The deals are definitely winding down!  If you want to see the ad that I viewed for this sneak peek,  please go here. Then click "See All Deals" to get to the preview.

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