Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sneak Peek: Office Depot ad 8/25-9/1

Office Depot has some last minute good deals if you are still wanting to pick up school supplies at bargain prices.  Not much for back to school, but here's the run down:

5 cents each:
Office Depot eraser caps - limit 3 (note these are 1 cent each at Staples this week as well, but to get that price, you have to spend $5 minimum)
Tissue packs -- limit 3 (note - my Staples had similar packs for 10 cents each when purchasing 10 at a time)

50 cents each:
Office Depot chisel tip highlighters 3 pack -- limit 3
Antibacterial wet wipes -- limit 3
Sharpies markers singles -- limit 10

Note:  Office Depot will have copy paper on sale for $2 per ream (limit 10).  Staples has the same price now, but with the Easy rebate.  So buying at Office Depot at least skips the rebate hassle.

See the ad that I viewed by going here.
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