Friday, August 24, 2012

Sneak Peek: Staples Ad 8/26-9/1

There are some last minute deals ---- deals worth grabbing for mid-year when you need to restock.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten notes home asking for more pencils after Christmas break!

1 cent (with $5 purchase)
8 pack Staples #2 pencils (limit 4)
Staples cap erasers (limit 4)
Staples Slider pencil box (limit 4) - note, I think these are junky and they tear!

50 cents
Bic Mechanical pencils 5 pack (limit 2) - note, if you have any of the $1/2 any Bic Stationary coupons left, these would be free.
Staples 12" plastic ruler (limit 2)
Staples writing pads (legal type writing pads) -- no limit
Staples hole punch (limit 2)

Adding in:  Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint pens, medium, black -- 12 pack for free after easy rebate ($2.49-$2.49 Easy Rebate).  This is limited to 1.

Not much else remarkable!  There are many items in the $1-$2 price range that have appeared in previous ads.  Want to see the ad I did?  Go here!
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