Friday, September 07, 2012

Food Lion Private (Store) Brand Sale (through 10/7) + list of some prices for cheap items

Food Lion is running a catalina deal right now that rewards you for purchasing their store brand items.  There are some inexpensive items that you can stock up on, and I'll try to list some prices and ideas for you below.

Here are some items I priced out yesterday, listed cheapest to most expensive.  Some of the items had regular shelf tags, while some had sale tags (but no visible end date on them).  Your prices may vary, so please use this list only as a guide.  Tip: Print the list so that you can take with you as a filler guide in case you need an extra item to be able to get the next higher catalina coupon.  I've included items that are more than $1, but that might be something you would always need at home (like toilet paper).

My Essentials salt canister 0.36
Food Lion tomato sauce 8 oz can 0.36
Home 360 Pet cat wet food 5.5 oz can 0.45
My Essentials Burritos (frozen) - 3 varieties single burrito 0.45
Food Lion tomato paste 6 oz can 0.46
Food Lion chili seasoning packet 0.50
My Essentials cut green beans 7 oz can 0.55
My Essentials sweet peas 8.5 oz can 0.55
Food Lion baking soda 8 oz box 0.59
My Essentials evaporated milk 5 oz can 0.59
Food Lion turkey gravy packet 0.65
Food Lion tuna can 0.67
My Essentials paper towels single roll 0.67
My Essentials chicken/beef broth 14.5 oz can 0.68
Home 360 Pet dog wet food 13.2 oz can 0.69
Food Lion baking soda 16 oz box 0.69
Food Lion pork and beans 16 oz can 0.69
My Essentials french style green beans 14.5 oz can 0.72
My Essentials corn 15 oz can 0.72
My Essentials pot pies - beef/turkey 1 ct box 0.75
Food Lion chunk pineapple 8 oz can 0.79
Food Lion hot dog chili can  0.79
Food Lion beef ravioli/spaghetti & meatballs can 0.79
Food Lion tomato sauce 12 oz can 0.86
Food Lion instant potatoes (garllic, 4 cheese, butter) 4 oz pouch 0.88
My Essentials bbq sauce (hickory, original, honey) 18 oz bottle 0.88
My Essentials mustard 16 oz 0.88
Food Lion sparkling water 33.8 oz 0.89
My Essentials thin/regular spaghetti 8 oz box 0.89
My Essentials zoo cookies 2.125 oz box 0.89
My Essentials 1 ply tp  single roll 0.89
Food Lion dry seasonings  (meatloaf/beef stew) packet 0.89
Food Lion muffin mixes (strawberry/blueberry) 7 oz pouch 0.89
Food Lion jello 3 oz box 0.89
My Essentials evaporated milk 12 oz can 0.89
Food Lion beans and wieners 7.5 oz can 0.89
Food Lion sweet tea (found in w/chilled juices) bottle 0.89
My Essentials sour cream 8 oz  0.92
My Essentials water 1 gallon 0.93
Food Lion brown sugar lite/dark 16 oz 0.99
My Essentials foam cups 51 ct 0.99
Food Lion bbq sauses 18 oz bottle 0.99
Food Lion cobbler mix
Food Lion pudding box 0.99
My Essentials self-rising/enriched flours 2 pound bag 1.03
My Essentials whipped topping tubs (regular/lite) 8 oz tub 1.05
Nature's place water 1 gallon 1.09
Home 360 tissues 64 ct 1.19
My Essentials cookies (choc chip, iced, oatmeal, sugar) package 1.25
Food Lion croutons 5 oz   1.29
My Essentials facial tissues  85 ct box 1.39
My Essentials toilet paper 4 pack 1.39
Food Lion dressings
Home 360 travel baby wipes  32/40 ct pouch 1.59
My Essentials frozen waffles 10 ct box 1.65
Food Lion quick oats 18 oz cannister 1.66
My Essentials fruit cups 4 pack 1.69
Food Lion instant oatmeal 5 pack box 1.69

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