Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walmart summer clearance - YMMV. Found some steals for a buck!

I love it when my trip to Walmart aligns with an awesome clearance selection.  They're moving out the summer and ushering in fall and Halloween clothing.  Take a look at these goodies from the clearance racks today:

Top left:  Girl's shirt $1, Minnie Mouse night gown $1, Girls jammies with the bunny (w/bottoms) with the crown on it $1, Two sets of jammies (w/bottoms) $1 each and Tweety jammies (w/bottoms) for $3. 

These shorts were all $1, as were the Scratch and Sniff Grape shirt and the Luigi shirt (under the Luigi shorts).  What an awesome haul!  These should fit my son next spring/summer too, provided he doesn't grow too much over the winter.
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