Thursday, June 13, 2013

FREE meals for kids this summer #NoKidHungry #WhyHunger

With the last school day in the rearview mirror, one thing that many may not realize is that children who received free/reduced lunches at school may go hungry in the summer months. Parents who qualify for that benefit during the school year then wonder how they can stretch their budget to cover that extra expense of a noon-time meal.  Yes, for some people, their budgets are that suffocatingly tight.  I encourage you to share this post with any and all who might need this information.

Hungry kids make me incredibly sad.  I don't want kids to go hungry, especially if there are options open to them and their parents.  Children need access to nutritional foods all year round, not just during school months when they are in a classroom setting.
Federally funded "school" lunches may be available to you in your area this summer.  Our local paper advertised their program just last week, but many parents may still be unaware of this option.  Check with your local school district to see if they will be offering a summer program or visit Summer is traditionally one of the worst times of year for child hunger, let alone hunger in general.  During the holidays, there are huge food drives to collect for holiday meals.  There's just not a focus on hunger as much in the summer because there's no traditional big meal holiday dinner looming.  Hunger knows no season. lists a toll free number (1-866-3-HUNGRY) that you can call to find free food near you.  They also have the ability to search the site or have the nearest location texted to your phone. 

Please share this info with your friends via sharing tools below. Not everyone who is going hungry will tell you they are struggling with getting enough to eat. 

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