Thursday, June 13, 2013

Free RobiComb (after rebate) if purchased at CVS ~ hurry! Ends soon.

In talking with other moms, I have found that we'd rather have a sick, throwing up kid come home from school than a kid sent home with lice.  Any parent who has dealt with this scourge will testify that it was not a pleasant experience and that the extra environmental care (read: massive amount of laundry, vacuuming, stuffed animals bagged up, etc.) is exhausting.

I nearly cried last summer when my child came home from summer camp with lice.  I truly was thisclose to wanting cry buckets, not only because of the environmental care, but also because my child has very, very thick and long hair (read: hours and hours of combing with the lice comb for days on end to be sure I didn't miss a single critter or nit).  

I stumbled upon a free after rebate offer for the RobiComb, which is a battery operated lice comb that zaps them dead (your child will not feel the zap, according the the product description).  It retails for under $30 and change and may be worth buying because for a limited time, if you purchase it at CVS, you can submit for a full rebate.  The rebate ends 6/15, so you'll have to hurry on this one!  Get the form here.

Disclosure:  I haven't tried this product and am merely sharing the rebate offer I found online.  I wasn't compensated to write about this product.
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