Friday, December 06, 2013

#Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus prints: Stylish stocking stuffers!

Disclosure:  I am part of the Carmex Blog Squad.  What that means is that Carmex periodically sends me goodies to try for free.  Though I receive items for free for review purposes, I do only post my honest opinion.  I was not compensated for this post.

It's always fun to take personality quizzes online.  Sometimes they are dead on and sometimes... well,  you're left scratching your noodle wondering just how you came out to be whimsical.

I recently took a Carmex personality quiz to see which Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection tube best suited my personality.  I did not take it before selecting a tube to try, which I did a month ago when the package arrived in my mailbox.  Which tube of the Limited Edition Moisture Plus did I select, expecting it to ultimately match my personality type because I was drawn to it out of the four choices I had as part of the blogger package?

Fab... and so not me at all!  Most hilarious was that on a Saturday night, I would not be the one surrounded by my uber hip friends at a rocking night club, dressed to the nines with great attention paid to make up.  I am a homebody, wear minimal make up, and I generally don't care about fashion trends.  I guess I just like the color purple!

After I took the personality quiz, my type came out as Whimsical.  I partially agree, though I would say I'm more of a cross between Whimsical and Chic, since it didn't entirely peg me true for every personality statement. 

Whimsical, Chic, Adventurous, and Fab prints available

Personality Quiz aside, I love the prints!  They are very bright and vibrant and let you personalize your style a bit.  Why have a boring tube in your purse when you can have the Chic print instead?  Plus, in my house, it's good to know at a glance whose Carmex is whose!  My daughter made off with the Chic and Adventurous prints in short order.  I would have to agree that those personality types definitely suit her pretty well!

What do you think of Carmex's latest product?  I love their products and like the new print designs.  Be sure to try their personality quiz to see which print they recommend for your personality type.  Let me know how yours came out (and if you think it's true to how you perceive your personality type as being!)

Thinking of picking some up for a stocking stuffer?  Check out their 30 cents off coupon, which you can get here.

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