Sunday, August 10, 2014

Purina cat food coupons: Join My Cat Perks

Purina cat food can be expensive, particularly if you don't have coupons for it.  I often don't have it and spend almost $5 a bag for the smaller bags, mainly because I don't have the space right now to store the larger bags with my house on the market. 

I recently got an email from Purina to check out Purina's My Cat Perks program and learned that I could earn points which could be translated into a Purina cat food coupon worth up to $15.99 for 30,000 points.

Some of the finer points of the program are that you have to check a box stating that you bought the product.  So dumpster diving or having every neighbor and friend saving their bags for you is against their TOU.

Another thing that's great is that you will get a hefty amount of points (I got 10,000) for signing up.  That's 1/3 of the way to a free bag of food.

There are several ways to earn points, which include logging into the site daily, viewing info on your cat's weight, reading articles, sharing those articles via social media, commenting on them, completing your profile, entering coded information from the bag of Purina cat food you purchased, and lots more.

Join Purina's My Cat Perks program today and explore the site and discover the many ways you can earn points!  You'll have enough for the big bag of Purina cat food in a relatively short period of time.

Disclosure:  This blog post contains a referral link for the My Cat Perks program.  If you happen to join, I would earn some points as a thank you for me referring you to the program.  But not 10,000 points, like you would get for joining, so you're definitely getting the better end of this deal ;) 
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