Saturday, October 10, 2015

Heads up: Peelie for free box of Cheerios at Walmart - YMMV

Walmart shoppers:  Be looking for this peelie that has been spotted on some varieties of Cheerios.  I found this one on a box of Multigrain Cheerios, and also saw some on the Apple Cinnamon.  Which boxes they are (or aren't) on in your store is a YMMV situation.  Hope you find one!  I sent mine to my sister.  Inside the peelie is a special code with a website address.  You send them the gift via a greeting card to their email, so you may want to let them know ahead of time to claim it while on a computer in case for some reason it is unable to be done via smart phone.  The link they get is a one-time click, so they definitely don't want to take an unnecessary chance of not being able to get their free box.

It's a coupon that gets mailed to them and it should have a long expiration date when it comes.  The peelie says it's valued at up to $4.20 and is for a mid-size gluten free Cheerios box.
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