Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Double points on MCR cap cokes 10/21-10/23

"You're not going to want to miss this. From 10/21-10/23, you'll get Double Points on all cap codes. Start stocking up to take advantage of this rare offer." --- Seen on My Coke Rewards site recently

Do you have a stash of Coke caps?  Don't enter them just yet.  From 10/21-10/23, you'll get double points for your caps, weekly limits apply.  However, the double points do not count toward your weekly limit of 75, so you could enter up to 25 cap codes to maximize the offer.

I've also seen an email in my inbox stating that there would be new rewards around this time also, so be checking what's available.  I'm saving my points up for (hopefully!) the 30 point 12-pack coupons they have traditionally offered in early December.  I was able to get many coupons last year, which I used for our Cub Scout Blue & Gold dinner to provide all with name brand refreshment.
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