Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons stackable, taken if expired

You might not be aware that Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons that come to your home with your name and address on them are stackable and they will take them even if they are expired.  So don't throw them away! 

I used 5 separate coupons yesterday and, honestly, was kicking myself since I'd left some at home.  We moved about six months ago and still get the previous owners' coupons that are addressed as to her OR Current Occupant.  I can only assume the lady who bought my house is enjoying coupons from me.

So long as you have one item per 20% off or $5 off $15 coupon, you're golden.  So if you see a savvy shopper with a fistful of coupons in BB&B, you'll know why.   According to an article on PIX 11, Bed, Bath and Beyond is scaling back on the number of those coupons they are mailing out.  So if you have a stash, don't toss them!  You never know when you'll need new curtains, a discount on an As-seen on TV product, or a new sauce pan.

Generic coupons without your actual name won't be accepted if expired.  Just the ones that come by mail.

If you opt to have offers via text to get coupons, know that there's a delay so filling out the form in the queue of customers ready to check out isn't going to help you.  (I tried!)

Have to shop online?  Go here to get a 20% off an item, online use only.  

So if you've moved, do update your information so that you receive coupons at your new address.

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