Thursday, January 21, 2016

Used Kindle Fire HD 7, 7" (8 GB) $25-$30

Hot deal, if you don't mind a used and outdated Kindle Fire.  Fire HD 7, 7" for about $25-30 (8GB)

Some prefer these older tablets as there's more storage.  Click on the link and you can click the "Lowest offer for each" buttons and see what turns up.  Cobalt, Citron, and Magenta have been the cheapest.

Prices have been varying widely.  Remember that they have been having trade ins lately and this might be a good chance to pick up a decent tablet cheaply.  I got a 16 GB for this price yesterday.  Check the link often as they are adding some every now and then.  The price will definitely vary widely, so hold out until you get one listed at a decent condition cheaply.   

Get your deal! 

Fire HD 7, 7" for about $30 (8GB)

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