Monday, February 22, 2016

Chatterbox opp for experienced knitters

If you're an experienced knitter, take a look at the new Chatterbox I found.  It's an opportunity to try a Cloudborn kit from Craftsy.  There's only 500 slots available and, if you're selected, you'll have to hurry to get your kit once they've notified you of selection.

 From the opportunity page:

In addition to a free Cloudborn Fibers knitting kit, your Chat Pack will also include the following if you are selected:
  • A Cloudborn Fibers knitting kit
  • A letter from Chatterbox
  • A brochure introducing you to Cloudborn Fibers and Craftsy
  • Coupons to share with friends

Remember, with Chatterbox, you try to the product and chat about it to friends.  Have a friend this opportunity would be a great fit for?  Share this information with them.  They'll be making selections in March.

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