Monday, February 22, 2016

Starbucks changes rewards program effective April

Do you belong to Starbucks' rewards program?  Heads up if you do. 

Changes are coming in April when a new rewards structure goes into effect.  Under the new program rules in April, you will earn stars based on the cost of your transaction, and not per visit.  This is, according write up, to free up some more of the barista's time because folks are splitting their transaction up to maximize stars.


My daughter and husband each have an app on their phone and scan that to pay, but pay separately because it maximizes star earning potential.

The email I received assured me that they would multiply the stars we do have currently when the new program takes effect.  Now, it takes 25 stars to get to Gold and in April it will take 300 stars to get there.

Their press release also references monthly double star days. 

But those will only be for Gold Star members, according to a Starbucks blog post. 

If you're close to Gold, make sure you get there before the changes go into effect.  There was no mention about any other star earning opportunities, like stars on their bagged coffee.  I'm hoping they continue to offer star incentives to load money onto your Starbucks app.

What do you think of the changes coming?  I'm cautiously optimistic.  We almost had enough stars for Gold, but then our anniversary rolled in and they were wiped out.  Now that's a part of the program I don't like at all.  I'd rather the points I earn expire one year hence instead of a magical date when I'm wiped clean.

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