Monday, July 12, 2010

Back-to-school shopping plans for this week...

Did you see the Staples ad this week?  They already have some loss leaders to get your back-to-school bucks.  This week's ad featured 1 cent pocket folders, always handy to have around since my kids use them for homework folders.  These are generally on the BTS list that the school puts out - and are also great for use in church, for crafts, etc. 

Also for 1 cent they have an 8 pack of pencils, limit 2.  These are also a yearly thing on just about every kid's list!  One year I got a note back from my daughter's teacher informing me I had to send in pencils because she had chewed the metal on the ones they had for classroom use.  Perhaps not the most tactful way to approach a parent, but you know!  I sent them, but I can't help but wonder with 28 other little nibblers in the classroom that my child wasn't the only one biting them.  So grab them now, even if you don't think you will use them right away.  Erasers are the first to go and you don't want to have a bin full of eraserless pencils later on.

One last penny deal:  Their multipurpose paper.  Technically you have to front the purchase price of $4.99 and then get the $4.98 back under Easy Rebate.  This is a phenomenal deal and if you can spare the 10 bucks, I highly recommend. I store my printer paper under my bed and my kids use it to draw on, my hubby uses it for a non-profit group he belongs to and, of course, I use it to print coupons. 

These deals are only good through Wednesday only, so plan your shopping for early in the week.
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