Monday, July 12, 2010

Grocery store suprise catalina....

At a local Mom & Pop (technically a Super Valu store) I bought some ground beef for dinner.  I go there specifically to buy my meat because my hubby is a former meat cutter and, as such, he shuns beef at the local Food Lion.  He has always complained that the beef there doesn't have a beefy flavor. Anyways, I got through the line and out popped a catalina for a free meat, up to $5.00.  The expiration date is 12 days out and since I don't go there as often, I loaded my groceries in the car and went right back in and selected a package of meat for $4.99.

Have you ever done this?  I used to go back into Tops a few times when I lived in Erie, especially when they were running triple coupons!  Since I'd already bought a bunch of meat that I intended to vacuum seal, I thought it was worth a quick return trip through the line to use the coupon.  I don't know if the coupon is local or if other Super Valu participating stores are also printing out the coupon.  I don't know if it was triggered by the amount of meat I bought (over $10 worth of ground beef), but I didn't get one the second time and this is a store where there's no loyalty cards.  Good luck!  Hope your store is doing this too.
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