Friday, September 17, 2010

Costco Michelin tire coupon: $70 off 4 tires at Costco

We need tires on our Minivan and I'm talking all 4.  Rarely do we need to replace them all at once and I know that we're looking at a small fortune when we do replace them since our Quest's tires are harder to find and seem to cost more than everyone else's tires.  When I was in Costco yesterday, I stopped by their tire department to price out the cost of a new set for our Quest.  The technician quoted me prices for two sizes that would fit our minivan and alerted me to the new Michelin coupon, which would save me $70 off a set of four Michelin tires. 

Sure enough, the $70 tire coupon was in the packet of Costco coupons that just arrived.  The high value tire coupon is good until October 13.  There is a disclaimer on the coupon for those members living in Manhattan or Rego Park, NY.  The coupon says it is for $70 off any set of Michelin tires, so those of you with cheaper tires will do really well on this deal.
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