Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ebeanstalk: Age appropriate toys for your child at the click of a mouse

Babies and children grow at different rates.  For parents, it can be a hard to find just the right baby toys that are age appropriate. For infants and toddlers especially, even just a few months makes a huge difference in toy selection based on skills that they are learning.  

Ebeanstalk is a toy website that allows you to search for age specific toys for your child, right from the comfort of your own home. Just click on your child’s age and gender to find toys appropriate for your child.  They are committed to providing the best learning toys that are age appropriate for children, so you know that the toys you are shown are both fun and safe for your child.  

Parents and gift givers who visit Ebeanstalk will find toys are divided by the 1/4 year for babies through age 2, so you are sure to choose the most age appropriate and safest toys toys for 1 year olds or those fantastic toys for 2 year olds you know other moms and dads would love (because you know we want to play with those cool toys too!)

Ebeanstalk has more than just toys for the younger crowd.  They also have toys for older children (up to age 12) that you won't find in typical retail stores. I browsed the toy selection for a 5 year old boy and a 9 year old girl and found many toys that I know my children would love.  I think what impressed me most was the ability to sort by age and gender.  This is a great tool for grandparents, aunts, or uncles who need to buy a toy for a child, but have no idea what toys would interest a child that age or if they would be well received.  Haven't you ever gotten a toy that was not age appropriate?  I think we all have!  With Christmas coming up, a site that sorts toys by age and gender is just the ticket to a happy, smiling child on December 25!  

You can also shop by category, which is nice too if you have a specific type of gift in mind.  Find a building set that is great for a 3 year old or one that is fun for a 7 year old with just a few clicks of your mouse. also has a Wishlist, which parents can complete to make gift giving easy for friends and family.  This is a great feature because every year the grandparents ask me what to get the kids for Christmas.  

Disclosure:  This blog post is done in advance of a toy review for  I was not compensated for this blog post.  Look for my Ebeanstalk toy review in the near future.
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