Friday, September 03, 2010

EnviroKidz gluten free snacks on sale at Amazon!

I received an email from Amazon letting me know about their sale on EnviroKidz products.  I bought the Lemur Peanut Chocolate Drizzle (see above linked widget) and made sure that I put it on subscription to save the extra 15%.  I love these and I have a hard time finding them in the stores I shop at.  I literally looked for these earlier this week at Wegmans, but they had other varieties and not this one. 

On sale, it was $15.01 for 6 boxes, each containing 6 bars ($2.50 per box).  Putting it on subscription and pushing it out a few months saved me an extra $2.25, making it $12.76 ($2.12 per box).  This shipped for free on Prime for me.

Other varieties are on sale - if you want to find them, you can click the Amazon icon above.  Please know that I am an Amazon affiliate and if you do ultimately end up making a purchase through one of my affiliate widgets, I may receive a commission.
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