Friday, October 08, 2010

Staples ad has Kindle in it - $139 wifi only or $189 for wi-fi version of Kindle

Oooh, I just got my Staples ad for next week and I spy Kindle!  Both the $139 wifi only and the $189 3G versions are advertised as in-store only specials for the week of October 10 through the 16. 

What does this mean?  I know, Kindle is already available at Target and Best Buy... is the Kindle going to be ubiquitous this holiday season?  Perhaps, but having Kindles for sale at Staples caught my eye because one of my credit card's rewards partners is Staples.  This means that I can earn cash back, which I can then redeem for in the form of gift cards to Staples to use to buy a Kindle.  $20 worth of my rewards = a $25 Staples gift card.  So redeeming $120 worth of my rewards for Staples gift cards would net me $140 worth Staples gift cards in reality.  It would be like getting the Wifi only version for just $120....  Now to hope that Kindles will stay at Staples and won't be there for just a week!

On top of that, having Kindles available at Staples will mean also that you can use your Staples Rewards checks for ink and such toward a Kindle too. A built in discount on an item that is virtually never discounted!
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