Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dishwasher Magic rebate: try me free

Recently, I spied a try me free for Dishwasher Magic at my local hardware store.  There was a nice, cardboard display filled with the product with bright try me free tags hanging around the neck.

When I went to claim the rebate - which you do solely online - I was a bit confused.  The promo code and the rebate redemption code, though printed on the bottle, weren't easily identifiable.  I thought that the numbers on there were perhaps a date code?  The screen will prompt you if you click on the link to tell you where to look, but the codes should definitely be more clearly marked as to what they are.

Other than that, the process was fairly simple.  No mailing of the receipt, so that saves postage. 

Look for these try me frees at places like hardware stores and Walmart.  One thing I didn't like was this language on the rebate site: 

Offer good while supplies last.
Manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue program at any time.
This offer is scheduled to run through the end of February 2011.  I don't like that the manufacturer is reserving the right to discontinue the program since people buy in good faith and if it is advertised as a try me free, then they should fulfill all legitimate requests for refund.
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