Thursday, December 09, 2010

Are you a Frito Lay #chiplover? Enter their Twitter contest!

Frito Lay, through their PR firm, has a Twitter contest going on right now through December 15.  They're looking for short, one liner poems for their #chiplover poem contest.  Basically, you craft a tweet, 140 characters or less (including hash tag) to try to win a Frito-Lay Fan T-shirt and coupon for a free bag of chips.  They're looking for catchy poems about their Sunchips, Lays, Tostitos and/or Fritos brands.  Hint: check out the rules to see how they'll be judging so you can cross your t's and dot your i's for the best chance to win.

The top 30 entries will be featured in the final Ode to Chips poem that they will publish and if your entry is one of the top 30 lines they use in that poem, you'll get a coupon for a free bag of chips and a nifty t-shirt!

My entry is already in.  For a little inspiration and to see what others' entries are like, check out those listed under the #chiplover hash tag on Twitter. 

Good luck!  Don't forget, the deadline for submissions is December 15.
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