Monday, December 13, 2010

Postal Service: We don't deliver for you.... Capitol Heights, MD

I totally get that delivering mail is a thankless job.  My aunt worked at a post office for years and had to go in on Christmas to sort mail.  I also know that most postal workers do a great job and go above and beyond.  But occasionally, I get ticked off.

One package has spent nearly a week in a post office an hour away from me in Capitol Heights, MD.  One has to wonder just how many times they need to "process" my package and get it on a truck headed south.  It was processed four times yesterday, twice on the 10th , once on the 8th and accepted on the 7th.  I had hope last week that "processed" meant it was coming soon.  Apparently, my package is just too special to leave their building?

As for me calling up there to ask if there was a problem, I tried.  The customer service option went to a voice mail, which then an automated voice told me that the person whose voicemail my message would go to doesn't subscribe to the service.  I guess they don't want to hear customers complaining.

I also tried the last option, which was to wait for an attendant.  Forty to fifty rings later, no one answered.  I guess they really don't want to talk to people.

I understand that Christmas is upon us, but this is nothing new to them.  They're used to processing extra mail this time of year and complain that their volume has dropped due to electronic mail for Christmas cards.  There is no reason why a package should be processed that many times without being on its way to the recipient.  Thank God it has a tracking number else I would wonder if it was lost in the mail.
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