Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Rx Timer Cap helps you remember to take your medications

Rx Timer Cap helps patients know when medicine last taken

If you've ever wondered when you last took your medication, you are not alone.  Many patients can't remember for sure whether they've taken their medicine, so they choose to skip a dose rather than risk taking too much.  For those who take their medicine several times a day, it can be helpful to know how long it's been since the last dose was taken as most medicines work best when taken at specific intervals so that your medicine stays at an even level in your body. 

Children of aging parents worry that their parents aren't taking their medications as they're supposed to -- and a product that counts down the time may help them with compliance issues and make both parents and their children feel more confident that they're not at risk for overdoing or underdoing their medication.  Caregivers can easily know by the timer when the bottle was last opened so they know when medicine was last taken.

RX Timer Cap is not just for daily medication

Antibiotics, in particular, work best when medicine is kept at an even keel.  However, it can be hard to remember to take those pills 3 to 4 times per day, particularly if you're not used to taking daily medication.  I definitely can see a use for a timer as you can tell at a glance when you last took your medicine so you can stay on track and get better faster and not have pills left over long after you should have finished your medication.

Things to consider:
  • Failure to take medication as directed costs 125,000 lives each year.  How sad and preventable!
  • Economically, failing to take medication as directed costs $300 billion in increased health care costs.  That's a lot of money!
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) found that less than 50% of patients take their meds as directed.  (Raise your hand if you're guilty of forgetting to take your medicine!)
  • Using the RX Timer Cap can increase compliance with taking medications as directed.  One study proved that using the RX Timer Cap increased adherence by as much as 34%. 
Interested in purchasing an RX Timer Cap? 

RX Timer Cap is available at various pharmacies throughout the USA, and is expanding its market into more pharmacies.  Some pharmacies give them free to their customers who are enrolled in their auto-refill program and some are offering a free cap to first-time customers.  Look for them where you shop and if you don't find them there, you can order them online from the RX Timer Cap site as well. Tops Market (NY and PA) and Bartell Pharmacy (Washington) and  Thrifty White (mid-west) are retailers that carry the RX Timer Cap. 

Giveaway - look for a giveaway so that you can enter to win your very own RX Timer Cap.  The giveaway post will be up soon!  Stay tuned!
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Disclosure:  RX Timer Cap provided me with information to facilitate this post and will provide me with a product to try at a later date.  Since I don't take daily medication, I am unable to try this product at this time.  However, I feel that my readers would benefit from being introduced to this brand.  This blog post is not compensated.
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