Friday, August 16, 2013

Staples sneak peek ad 8/18 -8/24: 10 cent composition books, plus a free after rebate item too!

Next week's Staples ad is up and the sneak peek shows 10 cent composition notebooks, but limited to 3 with a $5 minimum purchase.  Still, this is a great deal if you have other shopping to do.  Teachers use these with kids for anything from gluing spelling words inside to journaling.

Other goodies

Free after easy rebate:  Staples mechanical pencils (433423) $4.29, with full amount back on easy rebate.  Keep your receipt and be sure to enter it right away.

50 cents:  Westcott all-purpose scissors (limit 2)

50 cents:  Bic Velocity gel pens two-pack (limit 2)

50 cents:  PaperMate Magic Rub erasers (limit 2)

These are just the cheap deals.  Most of the $1-$2 supplies are average prices for the items.  The paper deal just gets worse:  $3 after rewards next week.  I hope you picked it up while it was $1 or less after rewards earlier this summer.

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