Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spending Less On Back-to-School Shopping?

I had an article published today over at Associated Content, regarding a press release today that indicated that 6 out of 10 Americans with kids were planning to spend less this year than last year on back-to-school. 

What are your BTS spending plans?  I will likely be in the minority and be spending more this year, mainly because I now have two kids going to school.  Last year, preschool was only 3 days a week and for just a few hours, involved lots of paint, glue and dirt, so I didn't want to make a huge investment in 'nice' clothes.  This year, with Kindergarten looming, I'll definitely be making more of an investment in clothes and hopefully still save some bucks.

While reading the press release that I based my article upon, I thought about thrift stores.  I called a few local ones and for the most part, they will be selling clothes and shoes tax free this weekend in Virginia.  The only notable exception was the Once Upon a Child store in Fredericksburg, which sadly is not participating.  I was told that since they were a new store, they weren't participating.  Honestly, I just didn't get it.  Other than perhaps reprogramming your register to not collect tax, I don't see where it costs them anything.  In reality, it costs them not to participate because guess who won't be shopping there this weekend?  Instead, I'll go to another gently used store that is participating. 

So think outside of the box this weekend!  If your state, like mine, is having a tax free shopping weekend, call your thrift stores to see if they'll be charging sales tax or not on eligible items.
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